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Call for papers

2022 ICEAAI invites authors to submit their original and previously unpublished work that demonstrates current research in all areas of engineering where AI is applied through the following link 

Topics of interest include (but not limited to) the following tracks/topics

Artificial Intelligence in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Track Chair: Hany S. Hussein

Machine Learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Transfer learning, Recommender systems, Distributed AI, Computational Intelligence, Computer vision, Audio and speech signal processing, Biometrics, pattern recognition, Image processing, Smart cities, IoT, D2D, V2V, Smart logistics, sensor networks, robotics, automation, AI in telecommunication, smart communication, big data analysis, Cloud and distributed computing, Intelligent control systems, AI in Power and Energy systems, Smart agriculture, Autonomous vehicles, Intelligent Cloud, Edge-AI

Artificial Intelligence in Civil and Architectural Engineering

Track Chair: Javed Mallik

Modeling using AI, Intelligent materials, Intelligent structures, Structural health monitoring using AI, Structural design, Intelligent construction, AI for management and maintenance, Hazard management and prevention using AI, Disaster management and prevention using AI, Environmental engineering, Construction safety, Fire engineering, Earthquake resistant design using AI, Smart transport systems, traffic planning, GIS, remote sensing, infrastructure engineering, AI for ground improvement, Water resource management, irrigation, soil studies, erosion, AI based tools and equipment for civil engineering.

Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering

Track Chair:

Data driven process modeling, Materials engineering, corrosion management, biotechnology, polymers, process systems engineering, reaction engineering, catalysis engineering, pollution management and control, AI based fault detection and diagnosis of chemical processes, intelligent chemical processes, process system reliability, alarm management, chemical safety management using AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Track Chair:

Industrial automation using AI, Expert systems, AI based manufacturing, computational fluid dynamics, mechatronics, materials engineering, robotics, biomimetics, operations management, quality assurance, AI in CAD/CAM, Intelligent manufacturing and assembly, logistics, supply chain management, automobile engineering, aerospace technology, mechanical and industrial tools, AI based prototyping, humanoids, dynamics and motion control, process control, machine design, stability and noise in mechanical and industrial systems, production technology, man-machine interfaces

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering

Track Chair: Mohammed Usman

Tele-working Technologies, Social Health extraction from Social media and networks, AI in Human Machine interaction, Data Usage, Analytics and Applications of AI in Healthcare, AI tools and Techniques for Healthcare, Architectures, frameworks, and models for AI in Healthcare, Modeling and Simulation Techniques for AI in Healthcare; AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches for Healthcare, AI enabled Electronic Health Record, AI enabled IoMT, remote health monitoring, non-invasive diagnostics, Medical Devices and sensors, Medical Image Processing and Techniques, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, Medical Image Processing Techniques, Public health, AI and IoT, AI for biomedical signal processing, Telemedicine, biomedical devices, health monitoring using smartphone, wearable sensor systems.


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